abacaxi nail art for R29 NailArtNation contest

I am one of the finalists in Refinery29's Nail Art Nation contest!!! Click through to see my original entry along with the 18 other contestants here.

We were each given a set of Revlon's new nail art polishes, and four specific challenges. All submissions for each challenge will be posted on Refinery29 this month, and you will have the chance to vote for the winner, so stay tuned. I cannot wait to show you the four designs I did for this competition.

Below are a couple of nail art designs I did so far using Revlon's new colors. It's a fun "french braid" effect I like to do with multiple colors. I did these on Africa Hannibal and Juliana Luna. 

Jessica Washick of U Don't Need a Man. U Need a Manicure wrote a very eloquent post today about the rise of nail art and why she loves it so much. I have to say, I agree completely. She writes:

"Nail art to me isn’t just art on my nails. It’s an escape and an all girls club that guys don’t necessarily understand. We arent doing our nails to impress guys. We’re doing our nails to make ourselves happy, which is why the rise of nail art has been so powerful. It isn’t rooted in making women more appealing to men. It transcends skin color and body type, hair texture and face symmetry. It’s an honest form of art that is art for art’s sake. I’m very proud to be a nail artist and the love I have for my blog runs deep."

I couldn't have expressed it better! Her nail is always perfection, check it out. 

Part of the stunning Revlon nail art kit I received for the contest. 

Part of the stunning Revlon nail art kit I received for the contest. 

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