making of the first collection

The inaugural abacaxi collection for summer 2013 was produced in NYC's garment district. Here are a few photos that document the process:

  • Each embroidery for the drop-waist shift dress has a different design and shape, and has to be finished by hand.
  • The drop-waist shift in lime and kelly green, about to be cut in the factory.  
  •  Cutting out the triangle appliques for the silk triangle-back blouse.
  •  Finishing the abacaxi garment labels.
  • Cutting out the circular LIME abacaxi hangtags :) 
  •  No two embroideries are the same! We hand-washed each one before sewing.
  •  We had to make sure each applique fit to the garment pattern, and purposely matched each design with the right color fabric (cream, aqua, lime yellow, kelly green, or periwinkle).
  • Shop these pieces here.