abacaxi noun \¦abəkə¦shē\ : a large sweet pineapple grown esp. in Brazil

Launched in 2013 by Sheena Sood, abacaxi channels the tropics – the sun, surf, and lush flora and fauna – to create a unique urban-island aesthetic. After adventures in India, Brazil, Ecuador, and beyond, Sheena has been influenced by many strong cultural forces.  These handcrafting cultures, radiant hues, and upbeat, tropical vibes inform her original prints and designs. abacaxi effortlessly unites playful, modern cuts with the charm and intricacy of traditional textiles, to create wearable pieces that exude confidence and brilliance.

Born literally from a suitcase of vintage embroideries brought back from Rajasthan, abacaxi is about honoring where we came from and celebrating where we are going.

abacaxi clothing is manufactured in New York City, with fabrics that are ethically sourced from artisan non-profits.

Sheena lives in Brooklyn, NY and has worked as a designer at Tracy Reese, Cole Haan, and Zac Posen. She studied Textile Design, Visual Art, and Comparative Literature at Brown University, Central Saint Martins College in London, and The Rhode Island School of Design.

Photo by Lauren Baker

Artwork by Sheena Sood

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