abacaxi, pronounced uh-bah-ka-shee, is the Portuguese word for pineapple.  In many cultures, the pineapple is a symbol of happiness or hospitality. abacaxi was created with the philosophy that wearing beautiful, handcrafted pieces that are imbued with history lead to a happier and more inspired wearer. 

Sheena Sood launched abacaxi in 2013 channeling the tropics – the sun, surf, and lush flora and fauna – to create a unique urban-island aesthetic. After adventures in India, Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala, and beyond, Sheena has been influenced by many strong cultural forces.  abacaxi unites playful, modern cuts with the charm and intricacy of traditional textiles, to create wearable pieces that exude confidence and brilliance.

Born literally from a suitcase of vintage embroideries brought back to NYC from Rajasthan, abacaxi is about honoring where we came from while celebrating the present moment.

abacaxi is dedicated to ethical, eco-friendly fashion. We use natural fibers, mostly cotton and silk, and our styles are designed and cut as to reduce as much wastage as possible. Our clothing is cut and sewn by hand in small batches in India and in NYC, and we source handwoven or hand-embroidered fabrics directly from artisans whenever possible. Read more about some of our textile research and artisan collaborations here. 

We create limited edition capsule collections every few months that can be mixed and matched with previous styles— separates and statement pieces you can wear and layer throughout the year. Rather than following the now outdated fashion calendar, we make items to keep with you throughout the seasons and likely for years to come.  Clothing you’ll want to take with you on an island getaway, or wear during your urban everyday.

Sheena lives in Brooklyn, NY and has over ten years of experience working as a textile designer and concept + color specialist for various brands such as Tracy Reese, Cole Haan, Anthropologie, and Zac Posen. She studied Visual Art and Comparative Literature at Brown University, and Textile Design at Central Saint Martins College in London, and at The Rhode Island School of Design. Sheena is also a visual artist and her recent artwork can be seen here: sheenasood.com.

 Photo by Delphine Diallo

Photo by Delphine Diallo