With her cheery clothing designs, the globally-minded designer of abacaxi gives new life to traditional handmade fabrics.

AFAR Media Video + Interview, July 2017


"Named after the Portuguese word for pineapple, Brooklyn-based designer Sheena Sood’s most recent line is just as sweet as its alias — including handmade, eclectic pieces inspired by Sood’s travels to Brazil, Ecuador, and India."

-Bobby Schuessler for Refinery29, February 20, 2014

"We’re crazy in love with abacaxi, the new, made-in-New York capsule collection from designer Sheena Sood... Inspired by the frenzy of fabrics and mandala photographs on a soul-searching trip to India, Sood went solo (previous stints include Tracy Reese and Zac Posen). Shorts, blouses, and frocks blend stunning details (mirrors, embroidery) with playful silhouettes: Kantha-embroidered sporty silk shorts, lushly patterned flip-flops, and a rainbow’s worth of crepe de chine blouses with triangle cutouts and sheer panel accents nod to her Eastern adventures among others.

You’ll want one of everything.

Our prediction: She’ll run the world."  

- Tiffany Davis for Daily CandyMay 29, 2013.  

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