Fred Tomaselli and Embroidered Floral Nail Designs on R29

Challenge 1 and 2 in Refinery29's Nail Art contest are now up. Go on and like my designs HERE and HERE!

For the first abstract-geometric themed challenge, I was inspired to create nail art based on a stunningly intricate painting by Fred Tomaselli which I saw at Frieze Art Fair NY in May. I incorporated all patterns and areas from the painting on my own nails. See original painting below.

Revlon polishes used: Bubbly, Pastel Punk (pink only), Moon Dust, Jackson Polish, Vincent Van Gold, Night and Degas, Pinkasso, Universe

For the second category we were given, Floral, I took inspiration from this South American Embroidered textile. Vines, leaves, abstracted flowers and paisleys are depicted on my friend Bev's nails. See below.

Revlon polishes used: Pastel Pink, Pop Art, Jackson Polish, Vincent Van Gold, Pinkasso, Cosmic, Orbit, Fluorescent, Amped Up, High Voltage, Ultra Violet

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